If you’ve been paying attention to automotive news in recent years, you’ll know that electric vehicles are the wave of the future. Now that so many brands are in the game with high-quality EVs, there has never been a better time to see how an electric vehicle can enhance your life on the road. With the new Cadillac Lyriq EV coming soon to our Owosso dealership, see how an EV can enhance your daily life before you visit Young Cadillac for a test drive!

Serene Driving Experience

With the smooth power delivery of an electric motor, luxury is taken to new heights when you bring home an electric vehicle. Because no noises can be covered up by engine sounds, the cabin quality has improved to give you more sound isolation, softer panel sounds, and a more comfort-focused driving experience.

Reverse Charging

New tech is emerging that allows your EV to power other devices when not in use. This helps make an EV the ultimate tailgate vehicle, as now you can power lights, a TV and game system, and speakers all using your on-board power outlets. You can also use your EV to power devices at home in the event of a power outage, essentially making your electric car a generator you can use for backup power when you’re not on the road.

Fast Charging Stations

It’s also easier than it has ever been to keep your electric vehicle charged while on a longer road trip. With fast chargers going up by the day and charging locations programmed into your on-board navigation, keeping an EV charged and ready for the road ahead is a breeze. Combine this with range improvements that now rival gasoline cars and you’ll have no reason not to see what an EV is all about.

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